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TheA. Breton Relocations ensures outstanding customer service is provided to moving customers and that all Relocation offerings meet the required customer satisfaction levels and satisfy moving standards. Starting your moving process form the area codes of V8W A. Breton Relocations as a customer will give you a strong emotional trust in the journey of relocation that can make you a vital member of the front line customer to A. Breton Relocations next moving form Victoria, British Columbia to other location.

The A. Breton Relocations will have responsibilities that include:

  • Our Supporting team available to make you understand general moving process and ready for our valued customers by managing product inventory, packing supplies, etc.
  • As a moving service companyA. Breton Relocations explains volume charges, Bill of Lading, Order for Service and Approximate Cost.
  • Greeting moving customers in a friendly manner and suggest packing and handling items to help relocation process successful.
  • We ensure that your belongings are securely transported fromVictoria, British Columbia and delivered to new location.
  • Reach (877) 4 ... View us resolve disputes related your relocation.
  • A. Breton Relocations looking forward to associate and enjoy interacting with customers and working in a healthy environment.

Moving Services Offering:

  • Local Moves, Long Distance Moves from 3340 Tennyson Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia, V8Z 3P3.
  • Packing at V8W and Unpacking at new moving location.
  • International moving from Victoria, British Columbia
  • Residential and Commercial moving from 3340 Tennyson Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia, V8Z 3P3
  • Call (877) 4 ... View for special moving.

Reviews (5)

  • Cross Country Move with Motorcycles

    I have used this team of professionals twice now for Cross Canada moves. The owner Adam is actually on the job personally and is 100 percent committed to quality. Everything right from the first phone call with Dana in the office to loading and delivery of my Furniture and Motorcycles was top notch! Their pricing is very competitive and the service is outstanding. Wishing Adam, Dana and Mike all the best. Thanks for everything! Alex L.

    15 October 2020 Alex Laroque

  • Amazing Company, highly reccommed

    “This is the second time that we used Adam and his crew! We made two moves in the past two years and I can’t think of a better company to move our furnishings and belongings! Adam calculated all our furnishings like a ‘rubik’s cube’ with the highest level of care! Our family heirlooms and large pieces of art were padded with great care and attention. Both Adam and Mike were very professional, clean and well groomed. They enabled us to assist where necessary and with respect. Everything worked out without a fault. It was obvious that they both have a passion for their work. I would highly recommend Breton Movers to anyone. Their rates are exactly as we had budgeted and they exceeded our expectations on both moves on Vancouver Island. We have recommended Breton Movers to our friends and they are also so grateful for our recommendation! Sincerely, Dan and Marilyn

    08 October 2020 Dan

  • Julia Dennis writing Fake Reviews under Jade Edmundson

    Without Prejudice: I would like to bring to the attention of the public and potential clients that Julia Dennis from Simcoe , Ontario has been posting Defamatory, Offensive, Fake Reviews about our company and me personally since April 2020 and is actively continuing with this campaign. She has used multiple aliases to propagate her unwarranted slander. She has posted on 6 different review sites under the following alias : Ella J. from New York Ellen Jade Jade Edmunston Julia from Toronto Our two time repeat client Julia Dennis from Simcoe , Ontario has been the author behind the numerous defamatory reviews but chooses to use Fake names! Ms Dennis actually gave us a 10 out of 10 review in 2015 on the site “HomeStars” when we first moved her. And we provide the exact same quality services this time in 2020. As the owner I’m on every job personally so company and personal integrity is VERY important to us. We all take slander SERIOUSLY. We have put together a substantial file on Julia Dennis including all email and text correspondence as well as both move quotes and final bills from 2015/2020. Screen shots of all my personal conversations with Julia Dennis in April 2020 clearly show she was happy with our service and specifically stated two separate times she “Did Not” want to rescale her shipment and was totally fine with the price. Ms. Dennis herself chose not to reweigh her goods for a SECOND time. Her estimate was for almost $5000 but was actually charged only $1600. Not sure how I charged her double !? On her Estimate was a “shuttle service” of $300 but she was only charge a “long carry” of $150. This “Long Carry” service applies to any distances further than 75 feet from residence to truck which is an Industry standard. The distance from her basement apartment to my truck was 110 feet. We actually saved her money by trying to get my big rig close enough to her complex and avoid shuttling with a smaller truck. This type of charge is clearly outlined in our “Term and Conditions” area of the Website and on the Bill of Lading. Every one reading this should wonder why Julia Dennis has 4 different alias and chooses to slander us via review sites as opposed to calling/emailing us directly. If anyone is guilty of “bullying” it’s obviously her. To post outright lies about people and attempt to ruin their reputation affecting their livelihood is text book bullying!! In one of the fake reviews posted by her alias “Jade Edmundson” she states we damaged everything and didn’t blanket wrap furniture. Weird , all she shipped were boxes! We make an itemized list of all items shipped , her list shows no furniture just boxes. And to confirm , her Bill of Lading had full replacement value coverage signed by her so any damages would be fully covered. We never offer $0.60 basic coverage. Lie after Lie! At just to reiterate... Ms. Dennis has not ever contacted us directly to express any issues with our services or damaged items. If we were so terrible she should definitely have supporting photos of damaged items and documents showing an attempted claims process. NOTHING We have not ever wronged this person, only showed compassion for an individual who is clearly suffering from instability and had to move in with her parents for support. Ms. Dennis has not even once contacted myself to express any negative issues at all. Nor did her parents whom we moved twice in 2019 across the country. . Nor have the other 100 clients we have moved since April 2020. Julia Dennis’ assault on our company and me personally is alarming. I encourage potential clients to read through all the review sites and see for yourself the timeline and extent Ms. Dennis has gone too. Keep in mind two other sites have removed her Fake reviews due to false information, slander and inconsistency. Mine , Dana’s and our employees livelihoods solely rely on our reputations/integrity so quality is always important to us. If you’re looking for Honest reviews go to sites like “Google Reviews “, “BBB” and “HomeStars”. As a company I can Not pay to alter or have reviews removed. Regards Adam Breton

    23 September 2020 Adam Breton

  • Honest and affordable

    I have to apologize to A. Breton for leaving a negative review earlier today . I suffer from mental illness and was having a manic episode due to being bipolar. The stress of moving during the Hight of Covid 19 was to much for me to handle. Adam , Mike and Dana have moved myself and my parents in total of 4 times over the last couple of years and have always been upfront with charges, weighing of the truck and have taken extraordinary care or our belongings. They quoted me $4000 but the actual bill was only $1500. What a deal. This company is the best don’t look anywhere else. Owner is on the job personally. I’m sorry to Adam for saying Such terrible things in my earlier review. I’m on my medication now and feeling much better. Wishing A. Breton all the best in future. Regards Julia Ellen Dennis.

    29 August 2020 Julia Ellen Denis

  • Professional with integrity

    This review is in response to a negative review recently posted by Mike M. I was the actual purchaser and potential shipper of the product he was attempting to sell. Dana with A Breton Relocations was at all times professional, polite and completely upfront with all potential charges. She provide an initial quote in December 2019 with only photos and rough dimensions to go by. At that time I was not ready to purchase or ship this product so it never went further. A second quote was provided in March 2020 but this time Dana went to see the product in person to make certain it could be shipped safely due to the size and delicate nature. The second quote was understandably increased due to length of time between quotes, extreme care needed to transport the product and their availability due to busy season. Myself and the Seller Mike M were only in the “quotation” stages of the shipping process. We had not ever agreed on a purchase price for his very large , expensive and delicate model railroad table. Mike M was not ever a client of A. Breton Relocations. He was only the seller of the train table that I was trying to purchase and ship. He should not have ever posted his defamatory review as he was not their potential client , I WAS ! Mike M’s review should be discarded if not complete removed. This company never was involved in a “bait and switch” scenario. In the end The train table was never shipped and no Contract was signed. We were lucky to find a company to actually entertain the idea of shipping such a massive and fragile set across Canada! Please consider using A Breton Relocations for any potential move as they are honest and willing to work with unique situations.

    21 March 2020 Sebastian H.

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