Storage services are offered as a complement to conventional moving services. These services include leasing of space to keep consumers belongings safe during the contracted period.

Moverzz, as part of their bouquet of moving services for both residential and commercial moving needs though with varied width, store your belongings at their secured and suitable storage facilities.

There are customized storage plans available that one may choose to include in their moving service preference:-

1.     Long-term storage – There might be situations like international travels or storage for office needs wherein long-term storage solutions are looked-for. This type of storage usually has storage cycle of >180 days.

2.     Short-term storage – Storage spaces opted for <180 days are Short-term storages and might be prompted due to reasons like new home still not ready for possession while the old home is sold-off, temporary relocation of home or office, etc.

3.     Storage-in-transit – Sometimes storage is required while goods are in transit. The duration of this type of storage will be typically lesser than short-term storage type.

Characteristics of Moverzz storage services:-

1.     Safe and secured premises with modern security approach – The storage spaces are unique with constant monitoring systems for safety of the goods in storage.

2.     Climate controlled facilities – Goods that require special care and are prone to damage due to climatic conditions are rightly safeguarded.

3.     Professional labeling– Goods are stored in an ordered manner with appropriate labeling for easy identification.

4.     Competent Inventory management – Itemized inventory of the goods in storage for increased efficiency.

5.     Easy access to goods – The convenient storage facilities makes one’s belongings easily accessible.

Looking for a reliable moving and storage service !!

Moverzz word of honor is to meet your requirements even so they are unique.