Residential Relocation

A house when draped with emotions of the family becomes a ‘Home’. Moving such a home is nerve-racking both for family and the movers insisting on highest attention to detail in consequence.

Home Moves are habitually set off by transfers for working professionals, family tree growth, children education requirements, etc. In general, an ideal time to move is early spring or summer. Then again, for a move in summer, finding a mover may be challenging as this is the time movers are on much demand. Moving during the rainy season may cost high as the moving company is expected to load and unload packed/unpacked goods without getting drenched.

Moverzz, a Canada based moving company, is a built-up brand that scores high in consumer’s checklist for identifying a right residential mover. Below are some of the points that Moverzz recognize and bow to as consumer’s preference in course of making their choice.


1.     A mover with established track record – As a consumer, a well renowned and experienced mover is preferred for ‘home’ relocation. Moverzz has a proven track record in providing house relocation services across the states with advancement in maintaining their trucks, driven by safe drivers, always making an effort to improvise packing and striving to enhance customer satisfaction, etc for everyday business.

2.     An estimate in person – Moverzz provides an estimate subsequent to evaluating the sensitivity of the household goods by visiting the home in person; if any special equipment requires special packing while moving to a new home. Hence, the quote so provided will be a realistic one yet at affordable costs.

3.     Estimate so provided is binding – Along with the estimate, comprehensive terms and conditions are developed that are mutually acceptable and binding on both parties. There might be situations wherein the unanticipated extra shuttle is required and given Moverzz industry experience these scenarios are highlighted to consumers in advance and a provision is made while outlining terms and conditions. Moverzz, besides, ensure their consumers don't experience hostage-goods situation (wherein the mover disagrees to unload the packed goods until extra costs are agreed upon).

4.     Know you are dealing with Moving Company directly – Moverzz doesn't encourage brokers to eliminate additional layers between them and the consumers. This sets in motion end-to-end control on the household moving process, optimum quote presentation with transparent terms and conditions, movement as per moving standards and enhanced customer experience.

5.     Other points worth making note of – Moverzz believe in appropriate documentation to make certain there are no transactional disparities in the course. Also, the count of personnel turning up for the move is mentioned to consumer ahead of time.

Moverzz has a team of moving professionals who provide efficient and friendly residential relocation services making consumers confident of their property being treated with the greatest care thereby nurturing trust in both the parties.