Packing for a move is the most crucial work than actual moving. It requires lot of planning and forethought as poor packing will damage goods especially the ones fragile in nature. A perfect packing includes packaging material quality chosen, type/ size of the boxes used for packing, labeling every box, etc. An organized packing enables confident unpacking and arranging goods without delay at new premises.  

Moverzz experienced packers will visit your premises for in-depth study of the number of goods and their nature, which require packing. Post preliminary planning, a detailed cost estimate is provided with a justification of the same. Based on the moving schedule, Moverzz bring along necessary packing supplies before the move and organizes belongings for packing, box them with labeling about the goods that are packed and loading them into vehicles carefully.

Broadly, for efficient packing and easy unpacking, Moverzz is sharp-eyed about the below.

1.     Right moving boxes:- Specifically designed boxes in standardized sizes are used so that the goods inside do not move and are safe during transportation.

2.     Size of the boxes:- Using appropriate size of the box according to the goods nature and size makes packing perfect and safe. Preferably, boxes that fit within the arms of the person are opted so that the possessions are safe and those moving also feel easy to carry.

3.     Moving supplies:- Choosing moving supplies depends on the nature of the goods. In case of fragile items, they are required to be cushioned properly. Moverzz uses moving blankets designed for safeguarding fragile items. Other items are preferred to be wrapped in plain paper rather with any printed paper to avoid ink stains on the items.

4.     Labelling of goods:- Accurate labeling on the boxes with the details of goods packed in will help placing them in suitable places at new premises and easy unpacking for arrangement.

5.     Maintains Inventory of goods:- During packing, a checklist comprising of inventory of goods details is maintained along with the number of boxes for cross verification while unloading at new premises.

Whether packing is required for residential or commercial relocation, Moverzz ensure safety and security of your goods but at practical costs.