Long distance moves have substantial difference in logistics, costs, additional permits requirement, insurance and certain regulations that make them unique from local or intrastate moves.

Any move under 50 miles is generally considered a local move while relocating beyond this distance yet in the same state is an intrastate move. Conversely, a move that requires crossing of a state line at any point during the move is considered as ‘Long distance move’ and also called as ‘Interstate move’. A long distance move can be between the states within the same country or across countries.

However, not all long distance moves are similar. Moverzz is a distinguishable moving company in Long distance moves for their professional know-how in efficient interstate moves. Moverzz does exactly what is expected from them during the long distance move - whether it is a full-service move or partial service move.

In case of a full-service move, an end-to-end responsibility of moving is owned by the mover while in partial move just certain parts of the move are opted for like packing, loading/unloading, drivers, specialty moving services, etc.

In either type of the long-distance move chosen, Moverzz owns up moving without a glitch from pre-move to post-move. They make their consumers aware of various policies in advance – both the parties’ rights and responsibilities, company’s arbitration course and a price estimate with a clear description of the costing. In transit too, Moverzz keep their consumers precisely informed about the move updates frequently.  The complete process of moving is made so see-through and hassle-free that consumers vouch for Moverzz.