Oflate, international assignments with short duration has become quite common as many companies are looking at making their global presence. According to a research undertaken by Living Abroad LLC, from 2005 year onwards 40% of the assignments call for employees to relocate globally compared to erstwhile stats of 6%.  This signifies employees frequently relocate thereby reducing an average relocation period to 2.5 years from 3 years in 1995.

Employees too are considerate of such global assignments as they understand need for broadening their horizons to bring in overall quality of life, work progression, economic advantages, and lifestyle change or in few instances due to their desire to travel.

While the process of international moving involves similar to that of any other domestic moving, it additionally requires certain standards and regulations to be satisfied. Moverzz with their global moving knowledge provide complete forward service from the shipper’s origin country to the destination country.

Our experienced personnel make consumers aware in advance on type of household goods that can be shipped internationally, customs regulations of the destination country, insurance and necessary documents details.

Besides, Packing for international moving too is very important. It has to be handled with unique packing method along with tagging and stamping to comply with every overseas import regulation. Our trained professionals are well aware of the packing standards ensuring everything is packed and arranged inside large waterproof plywood, wood or fiberglass boxes for loading directly into ship containers.

Moving overseas may be an exciting experience, yet if it’s not planned well in advance and correctly it may bring in many challenges and Moverzz as a global preferred mover understands needs of shipper and the processes involved in international moving thus handling complete moving process competently.