Corporate Relocation Services

Office relocation is an opportunity for a company to make its future workspace visions a reality. Office Moves are often driven by specific corporate objectives, to manage increasing real estate costs, spark off by end of the lease, etc.  The Human Resource team usually levers the office movement working in succession with the Movers company.

Business relocation for any office size is a critical task requiring to be handled with sensitivity. Hence, advance planning and preparation are essential.

Office relocation can be categorized into three types:-

1.     Internal relocation:- In case movement is required within the floors

2.     Short and Long-term storage:- Sometimes an office would require short and long-term storage support from a Mover even before relocation to new premises happens.

3.     Relocation to new premises:- Complete office shift to new premises.

Whatsoever is the relocation type, Moverzz makes certain smooth and efficient movement thus making it imperative to hire them. The factors that facilitate the choice of business movers are mentioned below.

1.     Experience of the business movers:- While office relocation planning requires considering sensitivity involved, smooth handling of the process is required to ensure the new office is operational as per schedule. The industry experience of the movers gives suitable confidence here.

2.     Testimonials for the mover: -Testimonials, reviews, and references help to understand how the mover handled relocation of similar businesses in the past. Also, one gets an insight into the mover's customer service, their communication on the business relocation plan, and how smoothly they accomplished the move.

3.     Sensitivity to office equipment:- One should look for assurance from business movers in handling a move with sensitive office hardware and the mover who respect confidentiality in case they are also entrusted with important documents.

4.     Responsibility width: - Whether the movers will handle moving end-to-end or preliminary packing is required by the office team whose office requires movement !! Generally, movers own up end-to-end.

5.     Movers commitments: - Assurance to move within the timelines agreed, assurance to minimize the damages during moving, the scope of damage insurance coverage, etc are important to know before hiring a Mover.

6.     Office move timelines:- Conclude on the choice of movers as soon as office relocation dates are confirmed internally. Preferably, make the booking 2-3 months before the relocation date to ensure availability of the mover or to make alternate arrangements.

7.     Quotation:- A guaranteed quote is provided post-on-site evaluation considering factors like the type of relocation, amount of packing and unpacking desired.

No matter what is the trigger for office relocation, some challenges naturally lie in front during the process and those can be avoided by making a careful choice of the mover. Moverzz is known by its consumers for its experience and ability to handle moves seamlessly as per the moving standards.