Moverzz, as an Auto Mover, is specialized in shipping automobiles. We will transport your auto or any recreational vehicle in an open-air or enclosed truck.

In open-air transport, Moverzz uses the truck which is typically between 75 and 80 feet in length and it hauls a two-level trailer with a row of cars (usually) on the top and a shorter row of cars on the bottom. There are no sides and no roof on the trailer, so the vehicles are exposed to the elements at all times. This is less expensive and generally used for conducting road shows.

Besides, an enclosed transportation has roof and four sides covered providing safety from road elements to the vehicles transported. This is helpful in case of long distance moving and is a bit expensive compared to open-air transport.

Our trained staff identifies the shipper’s actual requirement and leads him through the moving process efficiently so that the shipper is aware on the costs in advance. We also arrange for a driver to have your vehicle driven to our hauling place for transportation and delivery at your designated place.

Shipping your vehicle becomes so much easier with Moverzz as your choice of transport company.