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    A.Breton Moving

    This is a review of A.Breton movers business practices.Upon receiving a quote in Dec.2019 for moving a large fragile object from Victoria to Toronto in March 2020. The purchaser and I agreed on a price and proceeded to tell the movers to pick a date in March to move this item.Their response was great, we will just take a visual to find out how best to move it.I already sent a complete description with measurement and pictures in Dec,from which the original quote was based. After viewing we verbally agreed to add $300.00 for a Tilt & Lift service to make it easier to load.The following day this company sent the revised quote to my purchaser(and not to me) with a$1500.00 increase in the quote.Needless to say Both purchaser and myself where completely shocked.I called the company to ask for a review and to see if they could lower the price.I was told they had no idea what was involved until they saw the item.At which point I asked why they did not view it originally, and stated that I did provide highly detailed pictures and measurements.However she told me she would talk to her husband and get back to me.She then sent an e-mail to my purchaser(not to me) and claimed that I was harassing and confrontational in my conversation with her and they would not do business with us. This could potentially lose me a significant sale. I concluded that this was a classic “bait & switch” and the highly defamatory email she sent to my potential purchaser was perhaps part of the game or maybe just retaliation.At no time was I ever rude or inflammatory ,but merely stated my disappointment with the company and that there was a good chance my sale would be in jeopardy.Bottom line is buyer beware.