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  • Fast Friendly Careful Movers
    Calgary, Alberta
    No Show

    This company Fast Friendly Careful Movers never showed up on the day. We had been in contact several times confirming prices and date of my move. They phoned 30 minutes after their supposed arrival time to say they had no workers. Then would not answer any of my calls. Even 2 days later no word or apologies. Highly suggest you don’t use this unprofessional company.

  • 3P Delivery Canada Inc
    Mississauga, Ontario
    Hypocritical Company

    This companies reps are terrible. We ordered a washing machine from Lowe’s two weeks ago. When the reps came, they were very rude. Would not assist us, and said our basement was unsafe. The rep said they would come back once we unhook and wipe down the machine. But when we arranged to have it picked up, there was no call to say they weren’t coming. When contacting Lowe’s they said 3P said it was unsafe (even though it wasn’t and they had lots of room to work). Lowe’s rep said they won’t do anything. Do not do business with this company. You’ll be very disappointed.