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Good Job

I had a great experience with Starway Moving. They arrived exactly on time and brought 3 guys. Each guy worked quickly, carefully, and efficiently. I moved from a 3rd floor walkup to a 2nd floor unit 1 mile away. Recommended.

Canadian Food Agency Worker

I am Volunteering My Name to Spencer For Income Work.

Excellent outfit!

I had purchased a vehicle from Germany and they handled the transport from the rail terminal in Brampton to my unit in Windsor. The freight forwarder I used told me that the container used for my car was arriving "sometime" mid month. I was concerned that we would not be able to plan without a f... more

Do you have any 40 or 53 foot not road worthy trailers for sale or rent? They have to be dry and road worthy with a joe dog. Thanks Steve

Kyle Wachter the owner of timberwolf skid steer is a complete crook, he has ripped many people and businesses off in central alberta. He is manipulative, and a pure con artist. Acts like your best buddy till he gets what he wants, then acts like a lunatic if you call him out. He does a lot of wo... more